About Us

about us

Split Apple Lodge has been run by Daniel & Fran Huelsmeyer since 2016.

Initially built as a private residence in 2001, Split Apple Lodge underwent massive renovations and upgrades since its change of ownership four years ago.

The property was transformed to their vision of a sustainable, comfortable, high end Eco-Lodge, following their desire to make a difference to travel, tourism and the environment.

Transforming their lives from lawyer and marketing director in an urban environment, Daniel & Fran have completely turned their lifestyle around and dedicated all their time and effort to the Lodge – a place they now call home.

Their twins Emil & Anton were born in Germany, moved to NZ with their parents at the age of 2, and are now enjoying the local school, New Zealand lifestyle and the unbelievable outdoors at their doorstep.

Baby Jacob was born in 2020 and is currently exploring the world from Mummy and Daddy’s arms.

As a team they run the daily Lodge business together with their staff, most of whom return every season and are considered part of the family.

From preparing and serving breakfast, operating bookings, cutting firewood, creating furniture, decorating the house, making barista coffee, marketing and accounting, to cleaning the rooms, everyone works together to make the guests’ experience perfect and unforgettable.

The team aims to satisfy the high expectations and needs of domestic and international travellers for a certain style, design, and service whilst keeping a green footprint, supporting local, organic produce and focusing on sustainability wherever possible.

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Eco Day To Day Business

The Lodge was fully insulated and upgraded to Low-E double glazing, to ensure a minimum heat loss from the inside and maximum heat protection from the outside for the comfort of all guests – and our planet. 

Instead of noisy and energy-consuming air conditioning, budget was consciously invested in this Low-E special tinted glass to keep the summer heat out of the rooms. Of course, all rooms feature floor & ceiling fans for extra warm days.

On chilly days, the Lodge is heated with firewood sourced from the Lodge’s own forestry block, hand-cut and split onsite. This firewood also heats the new outdoor sauna.

Split Apple Lodge operates 100% on rainwater. The water is collected in large tanks; the property stores up to 125.0001. It then gets cleaned, filtered and UV-treated before it is ready to use for shower, cooking, cleaning and even drinking.

Guests do their part in reusing towels and bathrobes wherever possible.

Please note the lodge is run as a smoke free property.

A workplace to love

Last but not least Split Apple Lodge is proud to pay all staff fair hourly rates, higher than minimum wage, plus tips and other benefits, trusting that only a fairly treated, honoured and happy employee will deliver the best service to the guests.

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