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Food feeds the soul and a happy mind caters a happy body

Therefore, our Breakfast menu is organic and sourced locally wherever possible and presents the variety of Nelson Tasman’s local produce and includes fresh and dried fruit, muesli, vegetables, prosciutto, salmon, fresh homemade bread, jams, spreads, a variety of cheeses and yoghurt, chia pudding with fresh berries, smoothies and juices, waffles and seasonal surprises.

Guests pre-order their favourite type of breakfast the day before from the menu and enjoy it in the morning along with boiled for scrambled eggs made to order & coffee to their liking.

The barista coffee from fair trade organic beans and made to the guests liking – with organic milk, almond, oat or soy.

Our coffee machine is the flagship of our kitchen. Since 2019 we serve barista coffee from a VCM Pistone – with manual pressure. The espresso is made with manual pressure handles for the utmost taste of the freshly ground beans. Another benefit is noise – since operating with manual handles, there is no noisy rumble in the early mornings when some guests wish a coffee and others wish to sleep.
All of our teas are organic and fair trade.

But the best part is probably: Your room rate covers as many coffees and teas as you like!

food coffee
food lunch


A packed lunch is available for a delicious day out in the park, exploring the area or simply relaxing at the swimming pool.

We offer bagels, you can choose between plain, sesame or pumpkin seed, with either salami, salmon and cream cheese, swiss cheese or hummus – they all come with fresh seasonal greens.

Our tap water is perfectly clean and drinkable, so make sure you bring your reusable bottles to fill up for the day!


For dinner, guests can either explore the various restaurants in the area, all within a 5-10 minute drive, or simply stay at ‘home’ and enjoy one of our rich and satisfying dinner platters for all tastes. We offer three types: meat&cheese, vegetarian, and seafood. They all come with sourdough bread, crackers, olives, dips, pickles, fresh fruit, and a cheeky dessert. Preorder is essential (please allow 24 hours), a platter for two – $95.

All Beverages served and sold onsite are organic and locally produced (ok, you caught us there – except for the fair trade coffee beans, they just don’t grow here!).

food dinner