Pool & Outdoor SPA


Split Apple Lodge is more than just accommodation

After improvements and major building efforts, guests now enjoy an expansive outdoor swimming pool and a separate outdoor spa area featuring a hot tub with mountain views, a wood fired outdoor sauna with panoramic window, a private massage studio surrounded by native bush and various relaxation areas.

The natural mineral swimming pool operates with a magnesium based cleaning system. A generous 12 x 4.5m in size and blessed with full day sun, guests can now swim, plunge or exercise all day long.

A magnesium mineral pool can do wonders for health. Swimming in a magnesium pool can help alleviate aches and pains and soothe the skin, thanks to the unique blend of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride.

It’s eco friendly to the body and the environment, as it works without heavy chemicals. On top of the benefits listed, mineral pool water feels different, almost silky smooth, making it a pleasure to experience.

Eyes will experience little to no irritation, and hair and skin won’t have that chlorine smell or sticky salt feeling one gets from swimming in a chlorinated or salt water pool.

pool chlorine
pool night
pool tunnel view

Outdoor Hot Tub and Panorama Sauna

The premium quality cedar wood hot tub was hand-made in New Zealand. The water is UV-treated and chlorine free to allow a skin-friendly and ecological approach.

A wood fired outdoor sauna with a wide panoramic window for those nasty rainy days or cold evenings offers the ultimate relaxation, with a cold outdoor shower to refresh afterwards.

The sauna is heated with firewood sourced from our own forest to avoid excessive power usage. The firewood heat also has a soothing and relaxing feeling, much cosier and deeper than an electric burner.

Also located in the SPA area is a private massage studio for some exclusive me-time, offering beautiful views in the native bush. Massages with our skilled therapists can be booked online or upon arrival. (60 minutes – NZ$145)

Important Note:

Please note that due to COVID19 implications, Split Apple Lodge will operate as a group accommodation only until May 2021. Our B&B services are suspended for the coming season. Currently, only reservations from guests residing within New Zealand are confirmed. Overseas enquiries will be added to a waiting list until NZ border restrictions are lifted. As a small business, we apologise for any inconvenience and are grateful for your understanding.